The »EU Cultural Heritage Identity Card« project (EU-CHIC) will propose a strategy and systems for the most efficient methods and tools of harmonising criteria and indicators for tracking changes and interventions on the tangible cultural heritage across Europe and its neighbouring countries. The main objective of EU-CHIC  is to develop and test guidelines, required for the efficient compilation and storage of data, pertinent to each monument and structure under observation. The EU-CHIC system will support sustainable maintenance, preventive conservation and the rehabilitation of historic sites and monuments. It will screen, and monitor over time, progressive changes to the physical heritage as a result of recurring human interventions and environmental impacts and be user-friendly in its approach.

In order to better meet the objectives of the project and to understand the potential EU-CHIC system end-users and their needs we have created a brief survey. We kindly ask you to fill it out - it should only take five minutes.  You are also kindly invited to pass it on to your networks. 

Please, follow the link:

Replies to the questionnaire are anonymous, a summary report and the analysis of results will be published on the projects’ website. 


Thank you very much for your cooperation!

Prof. dr. Roko Žarnić, coordinator of the EU-CHIC Project

Rand Eppich, Tecnalia, Spain

Barbara Vodopivec, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia