EU project NET-HERITAGE conference


Millions of tourists enjoy Europe’s museums, monuments and landscapes every day. Cultural heritage has become a point of reference in our changing societies, demonstrating the cultural richness of the continent. At the same time research on these valuable objects is underfunded in many countries. This is short-sighted. Researchers are needed to keep the tourism industry booming - they develop key technologies to save monuments and art pieces for future generations worldwide.


Coordination of national research is the key to cost effective and sustainable funding. This is why the EU 2020 strategy and the “Innovation Union” ask for increased cooperation. The domain of cultural heritage appears best suited for common efforts: Climate change, natural disasters and pollution threaten cultural heritage worldwide. Protecting it with innovative techniques is a grand challenge.


The aim of the conference is to discuss the results of the EU-project NET-HERITAGE with stakeholders and policy makers. The ERA-NET has laid the foundations to better coordinate national research funding. Programme managers from 14 countries have identified best practise in funding. They have collected ideas on how to foster young talents. For the first time common research priorities have been identified.


When funds are scarce, information on needs, strengths and priorities within the domain of cultural heritage research is valuable for scientists and policy makers. Outstanding research projects are presented. Regional case studies show how the preservation of cultural heritage brings smart growth and how it enhances sustainable economic development. Recently cultural heritage has been identified as a priority topic for increasing national and EU R&D funding with a “Joint Programming Initiative” (JPI) by the European Commission. You are invited to follow the exciting process of the development of the European Research Area!



German Federal Foundation for the Environment, DBU

Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, MIBAC 


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